Saturday, December 7, 2013

Nope!! That's not it!!

Under the watchful eye of Big Kitty, Pinkerton has ignored his first post sitting lesson of 2013. 

He just doesn't get it!!

The first mistake?  He picked a post that is even with the plank in front of him. 
Pinkerton!  Look for a post that's higher than the fence it supports.  That way. you can get the proper back end to front end support and the tail will sit quietly in a cute little curl beside the back feet.

Big Kitty!!!  Demonstration please!


  1. lookz like pinkerton taked R add vize N took lunch brake innstead... coz him iz lickin hiz chops over sum thin...sorree buddy if we getted ya in trubull....pluz like BK iz knot reeeely lookin at ewe anyway..for now :)

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