Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Morning at the Mansion...

The sun rose awhile ago, but it never shines on our side of the hill until 10:30 AM at this time of year.  OT and Big Kitty thought they'd have some time alone, but they have company on top of the hay bale.  Timbit is skulking around behind, hoping to sneak by without notice, but Pinkerton isn't quite that smart.

He thinks if his eyes are closed, no one can see him but...really, OT heard him coming...


  1. Have a lovely day, all our friends at the Barn Cat Mansion! Stay warm!

  2. So much for trying to be alone in a romantic moonful day!

  3. pinkerton...dood...we iz reedin thiz with R eyes closed sew we canna see ewe either...we wont stay but a minit sew de BK & OT can haza moe mint oh roe mance :) hay, timbit...nice ta see ya...uh...we meen we heer ya !!