Thursday, November 21, 2013

I'll take the mud!!

There you have it!

H"C"S and Whiskers each picked up a foot while sacrificing 6 other feet to the bitter cold.

That was yesterday.

Today we have +2 C and Saturday they say we'll hit +6.  Believe me, that is going to be a toasty warm day.

Mansion cats will be basking in the sun cleaning mud off their toes by Sunday.

Cold feet vs. muddy toes?


  1. I think they want a wood-stove in the barn. Whatdoyasay!

  2. we bee typin frum a cell what cha callz it guyz, noe pea cee actshun til monday but we had ta stop N see if R guess bee rite which we see bee wrong tho we DID get whiskers in de pick sure..and we vote for mud on yur toes...dirt N mud iz all wayz grate for rollin N & ya can pick werms outta it N go fishin!! happee week oh end ~~

  3. ok, how many pairs of kitty boots do we need to send over?

  4. 5 large sets = 10 pairs. 5 medium sets = 10 pairs. 1 small set = 2 pairs. Soooooo! We need 22 pairs of kitty boots, if you don't mind. :)

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