Wednesday, November 20, 2013

He's fired!!

So guess what!

The weatherman lied!  It's not warmer's 10 degrees colder!! :/

It's surprising to see the cats out in the snow at all on a day like today......tough old barn cats I guess.  Who do you suppose is trying to warm their toes, one foot at a time today?  By the way, that was the Big Kitty yesterday.  Good guessing, people.:)


  1. We fire a lot of weathermen (and women), don't we! Wonder where they all go.... Do you suppose your fired ones come here and ours go to Canada? Is that why they get it wrong so much?

    1. That has to be it!! We just keep recycling them!!..Environmentally friendly...:)

  2. meowloz whiskerz and....orangey tail...HCS.....orangey tail...HCS.....

    we is goin with orangey tail !!!

    N we noe all bout lie inn weather menz....tell ya itz gonna stay high N dry N 5 minits later it bee 40 bee low zero N snowin N knot even de same seezon...


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