Friday, November 8, 2013

Move over!! (please)

The little Whiskers look alike got bored with the lecture and directed his attention to the task at hand.

That task became an obsession.

What is the task we're talking about?

Simply to count the growth rings in the stump on which they sit!  How does one small cat complete such a delicate task with a big galoot like LOBE sitting on half of the stump?
Maybe just politely ask him to move!


  1. guys...sorree we canna offer any help even if LOBE doez ta his tree, science, N gee og rafee, math bee R werst subject... tho we gotta say we aced lunch brake & spellin in skewl ~~~~ hope everee one haz a grate week oh plentee oh temptayshunz :)

  2. Maybe the little kitten can count the rings on Lobe's neck instead :)