Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Warm 'em up, one at a time!!

Winter has landed in Southern Alberta.  We're looking at -15 C as a high today.  Maybe warmer tomorrow, warmer than that the next day and then back into the deep freeze for Friday and the weekend.

Its no wonder Barn Cat Mansion cats are getting cold feet!!

Do you have an idea who this cold footed critter might be?


  1. Shirley we due...big kitty... aka bumble...aka rooler oh BCM .....less yur talkin ta pinkerton....
    come ta think oh it....nah...thatz yur tail big kitty !!!!! time for ice fishin :)

  2. Is that the Big Kitty, the king of the mansion, Mr. Bumble the Great?
    We're sending over 200 heat pads for those cute cold feet!!!

  3. pea ezz....R de ponneez gonna challenge ewe ta trough hockey again in january !! if sew...little eagle iz PRE dizz qualified :) ~~~

  4. Hope you all have your winter furs on. It sounds cold up there. It is 7C here. Yes, we do Fahrenheit in the States, but mommy has a Celsius Thermometer on our puter, too, so we can sympathize with our friends who do do Celsius.
    Now, do do sounds suspicious, but you know what we mean, right?