Saturday, February 4, 2012


You may not believe this, but Casper the Friendly Ghost Kitty actually stuck his nose under a rock, lifted it up and grabbed a

Temptation (special cat treat)

that had slid underneath it.  The Barn Cat Mansion cats loooooovvvve their treats.  Every day, we find a spot to have a "treat" picnic.  Some days we stay in the Mansion and other days, we go out.  Some days we use Temptations and other days, we use Party Mix.  Once in a while a little bag of Luv is thrown in, but that's only on a "very special" occasion.


  1. Oh a rock is nothing, lol. we would lift up a boulder for a temptation treat :)

    Good job Casper, keep strenghtening those muscles. One day you'll need them to face the king!