Sunday, February 5, 2012

Characters, BCM

This is the second of two mature females living at Barn Cat Mansion.  She had kittens last year.  Unfortunately, only one survived the magpie attack.  Those bad birds came into the Mansion and stole 3 new kittens.  It seems  the cat namer, that little girl called Peyton who saved Bumble Butt, and her dad, both picked names for this cat.  It was either Homer Simpson or Chelsea, so we compromised and called her

Homer "Chelsea" Simpson

She has the same sad face that her father, Old Orange Tom (OOT) had, but really, she is a happy cat.


  1. Ah, and I used to like Magpies!!! I don't like them any more!!!!

  2. Such a sad expression for such a beautiful little lady.

  3. She is a gorgeous girl. Glad she was able to save one, sweet little orange baby two-tip.