Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Hunter

Pinkerton watches the unsuspecting sparrow with the intensity of a mountain lion.  He isn't really hungry because there's plenty of food in the Mansion, but believes that anything smaller than him, if it isn't a cat, is edible.  No one is more brave when it comes to


than Pinkerton, Hillside Warrior and Defender of all Cats that are Pink. 
This time, the unsuspecting bird flew off, narrowly escaping  with its life.  Next time?........Who knows!  Let's hope he gets tough enough to tackle the marauding magpies, and at least scares them out of the Mansion.


  1. Pinkerton looks just like my sister Mason... but younger and smaller. So pretty.

  2. Pinkerton is very cute! I hope he can get to the magpies before they get to him.

  3. A mountain lion is a good model, if you want to catch dinner. We think Pink has a good shot at the magpies.