Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Secret Mission

Now you can see why we call him the


Proud, alert and ready to embark on the mission of a lifetime.   A call could come
in before the end of the week.  The cat carrier is ready and waiting.  All he has to do is summon the chauffeur, say goodbye to cats at Barn Cat Mansion and carry on down the road.  Wish him luck.......he may need it.

Danger waits around every corner if he doesn't follow orders and the key to success will be to stay inside and only speak when spoken to.  Will the King stay "on track" or follow his own "code of conduct"?


  1. He will follow his own code of conduct...duh...we are cat's! Purrrs Lars and Odin

  2. He is efurry bit the king of his domain. We think he probably follow his own code of conduct, too!

  3. Oh, where is he going? I hope all is well with the King (*bowing down*).
    Of course he'll follow his code of conduct. He is the King, and he makes the rules (*bowing down again*).

  4. Bumble Butt will always be King no matter where he is, poor guy has been through a lot.

  5. Best wishes, King! We know you will follow your own road, but consideration of others never hurts.