Wednesday, February 15, 2012

She's gone

Its official.  We knew that one day it would happen and February 12th was the day.  Some boys from town were looking for a new kitty to live with them and they picked


She's in for a few surprises:
 - no more farm chores, like feeding the horses and cows.
- no more jumping in the pick-up and going for a ride
 - no more brother and two sisters to share the food and litter box with
 - four young boys to lavish attention on her and tend to her every wish and whim.....

 She'll be in her glory!!  


  1. Pokey is adorable. She looks like my little sister, Tobias... who is also adorable. I'm sure she'll have a wonderful new life with her new brothers.

  2. A new furrever home!! Yea, Pokey!! And four little beans to play with!