Thursday, January 22, 2015

What's in a name?

By June 14th, Little Scruffy got tired of travelling in the cat carrier.  Giving in to a crying baby seems to be part of our nature, so on the way to work, he was allowed to roam free.   When I opened the cage, the little guy scrambled up my arm and perched where he could see the road.  
Every once in awhile, I'd pat him on the head and say;

"You're such a little peanut!"

More and more, I called him Peanut until the name stuck, but it wasn't fair to change from Little Scruffy to Peanut. Jane had named him first.  

Hence, we compromised, and he became known as

Little Scruffy Peanut


  1. wee small dood.....we think yur name rockz.....we iz curious tho... why ewe wuz knot a loud ta drive de a purrfect op ore toona tee is rite time ask....doesn't hurt ta ask...rite !! meowloz ta de crew anda happee trout thursday ♥♥♥

  2. What a sweetheart. Are you sure this is a boy? Little Scruffy Peanut looks like a calico and it is rare that they are male.

  3. Yup!! He's a male, and the orange color on his forehead just looks that way because of the sun shining in the window. It's actually tan.