Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Autumn Broomfield


to before the arrival of Little Scruffy Peanut

Peyton thought a new kitten might ease the sadness she felt with the disappearance of Big Kitty.  Some farm friends, the Broomfields, mentioned a litter of Manx cross babies, so we went to have a look. There in the shop, guarding the cage was the most vicious looking Basset Hound ever seen!  At least she was looking as vicious as a Basset Hound can. Inside the cage were 6 kittens with tails of varying lengths. Peyton fell in love with the black calico that, at the time, had a tail about a half inch long.  She picked her up, and immediately gave her a name:
She called her Autumn....... 


  1. peyton...veree good choice, de name autumn iz reeeely kewl !!!

    autumn, we hope we get ta see a bit a ewe...N remember...scruffy peanut iz KNOT....a mouz ☺

    peyton: pee ezz...we wuz sad bout big kitty two....♥♥♥

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