Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Two's a crowd......

It only took a few minutes to realize that Autumn didn't jump in the box to snuggle!
Little Scruffy moved toward the warm body that he thought might be his long, lost mother.

He got a rude awakening!

Autumn grabbed with her front feet, thumped him with her back feet and proceeded to try to open her mouth wide enough to crush his head!
My gosh!!  Get that cat out of there!


  1. scruffy...we small dood...ya noe what they say bout pay bax ya gotta watch out for gurlz....they iz ...sly.....we noe....we haz seen dai$y in....sly nezz.... for 12 yeerz !!


  2. That's too bad. Many cats would just take it on with the others and not miss a beat. Poor wee Scruffy. They so need a momma at that age. :(