Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tools of the trade......

Nobody said it would be easy.  Nothing, and I mean


can replace a cat mother's milk.  Dropping life into this kitten, one drip at a time was tedious work.  As you can see, we improvised and came up with a mixture of Cat Milk and cream with a bit of 2% milk, a cattle syringe for administration and a warm washcloth to wipe away the pain!

He didn't ever learn to suck.  He lost the instinct when he lost his mother.  An inherent will to live kept this little guy going.  What kept me going through this ordeal?

......a little voice that kept saying, "Don't give up!"


  1. guys.......ya prob a blee think we iz nutz when we say thiz.....but BK sended him...

    meowloz ta ewe scruffy.... ♥♥♥ =^..^=