Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Not as batty as we thought!

That's simply amazing!

The little "bat cats' grew into bigger cats but their ears remained the same.

Someone said they would grow into their ears!

All five of Old Ghost Kitty's kittens found new homes.  That's the best news we've shared in ages.  There's only one problem:  She's been seen cavorting with Socks...again!


  1. She does make beautiful kittens. The one on the left has a face (at least from the front) that reminds me of Pinkerton - was Old Ghost Kitty his mom too?

    1. COme to think of it, that kitten does look like Pinkerton and yes, Old Ghost Kitty is his mom.:)

  2. Socks and/or OGK definitely need to have their bits snipped.