Friday, September 21, 2012

Mirror, mirror.........

We were pretty sure we'd seen all the kittens from this year's crop at Fox Farm......until two days ago.

Then this little darling appeared!

The brown ghost kitty usually has kittens way out in the round bale yard and she was seen out there a lot this summer.  We thought she must have kittens, but hadn't seen any.

Finally, she brought this beauty to the shop.  It looks like only one survived.  She's the oldest of our 2012 kittens and the
"fairest of them all".


  1. She is amazingly beautiful, and so dainty.

  2. What a beautiful kitten! In fact, all of your kittens are beautiful - but this little girl with her very pink nose is especially pretty.

  3. fair is an under-statement!!! Sure glad she survived!