Saturday, September 1, 2012

Give it up, Socks!!

Oh don't worry!  He's not dead!

Socks waited until the lawn equipment was loaded before he staged a protest.  This is the first time he's planted himself in the back of the Nissan.  Usually he's on the roof.....or on the hood.....or on the dashboard....but never in the back. 
Its not your truck, Socks!
We switched the lawn mower from the trailer to the truck because we only had a few lawns to do and weren't taking the big mower.  It looks like we're not taking the truck either, unless we take Socks with us.


  1. It looks like he does want to go with you and help with the mowing!!!

    I love your belly Socks!!!

  2. Socks can help. Look, he already knows how to untangle straps. In here, under there, around this bit, back up again......