Monday, September 24, 2012

Birds of a feather......

Sparrows.....not the most interesting birds in the world....

Spotted from inside the shop, they looked like swallows....barn swallows.  With great excitement and anticipation, it seemed this would be a shot of a whole family of swallows preparing to fly south for the winter.
There are six birds.  Swallows  often lay five eggs, and allowing for the cats to eat one little bird, that left four kids and two adults....6 birds!
The excitement waned when this photo showed up in the computer and they're

JUST SPARROWS.......not going south!! :(


  1. Maybe "just sparrows" but it would be so quiet without their chattering and bickering during the long winter months.

  2. Just sparrows???? We think they are magnificent!!! .. a big fan of sparrows here! :)

    1. As cat food? ;) or just to look at! hahahaha