Monday, June 18, 2012

Practise makes perfect.....

Father's Day, 2012 is now  history and Big Kitty celebrated with his Barn Cat Mansion family.  He donned his St. Paddy's Day beads, since they're like a favorite sweater, and good for all occasions. 
This spring has not been the best for fathering kittens.  Only one litter of three was born, with two survivors after the magpies, again, stole a kitten and of course it was the cute little orange one.  Oh well.  we'll see if OT comes up with kittens later in the summer.
In the meantime, keep practising Big Kitty. 

As we all know, it never hurts to try.


  1. Best of luck to the handsome daddy!

  2. Is there nothing you can do 'bout those magpies? Breaks my heart to hear what happened. purrs

    1. The magpies come and go as they please. I've tried closing the sliding door to the width of a cat, and the birds still fly in. They fly to the door, tuck their wings and glide in through the smallest opening. It would take no time at all for them to figure out a dog door, so there's really no point in that. I didn't think they would go into the cat carrier where H"C"S had the kittens, but I was wrong. The mother cat needs to be more protective, I guess.

  3. Oh dear, poor kitties! Bad magpies!

  4. Perhaps the kittens with the mom can stay in a fenced area until they are bigger?
    Poor little orange kitten :( I so don't like those magpies now!