Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Only time will tell....

As the sun prepares to set on Chinook Country, Barn Cat Mansion and all who live there, Orangey Tail has something else on her mind.  She and Bumble have been trying to have kittens since early spring, but, so far, its all been in vain.  Two valiant attempts, one in February and one in April, produced no results.  We'll be able to tell in a few weeks if the latest project was successful, but we're not holding out much hope.  On the other hand, last year's kittens were born in the summer, so maybe that's the best time for little ones.  Its that or, at the age of five, OT has had all the kittens she's having.  Here's hoping  she has just one more batch of babies

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  1. Maybe they should be thinking about artificial insemination!