Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pinkerton!! We have kittens!

At Barn Cat Mansion, we never get tired of having kittens.  Its a friendly reminder that "life goes on".

These two are motoring around the Mansion now, and luckily, too big for the magpies.  That's a relief!!

H"C"S is a great mother, with the odd careless moment, but she can't stay with them 24/7.  When Pinkerton finally realizes he can play with kittens, then

the fun will begin!


  1. What every litter of kittens needs is an older brother, like I had. Gave my mama a break every now and then. Kisty would babysit! purrs

  2. Look at those cute huge paws :) they will groe up to be big kitties!

  3. Well, good, because I've been missing Pinkerton. I'm just hoping he'll be gentle and not play too roughly!