Friday, May 25, 2012

One is too many....

Magpie (bad black and white bird)

Dive bombing people who enter Barn Cat Mansion, eating dog food and stealing kittens is all this squawky bird is good for.

Cats eat birds, but they don't eat magpies. 

The only birds noisier than magpies are ravens and crows.  Magpies nest in our yard and the eggs are about to hatch and that means more magpies.

There must be something good to say about magpies......just can't think of anything!


  1. Holy Cow, I didn't know that magpies would steal kittens, that is horrific.

  2. Here is a good thing about them: their eggs make excellent omlettes :)

    1. Good idea. Cats would love Magpie omlette!:)