Wednesday, May 30, 2012

.....and don't have any cats for lunch!!

You are looking at one of three little foxes living in the yard at Fox Farm with their mother.  We thought there were only two kits, but three were out playing today. In 2010, a family of five, four kits and a vixen lived under a building for a couple months.   This mother might be the one we called Chicken Fox back when she was a baby.

Foxes are great at controlling mice and gophers around the farm, but they also like partridge, pheasants and grouse.

Welcome home, Fox family. 

Eat all the rodents you want, but take it easy on the birds, please..... 


  1. What a cute baby! I would be so tempted to taim them and keep them as a friend doggie-foxie :)

  2. Cute but you just know I'm going to worry about the cats.

    1. Don't worry about the cats. Foxes don't seem to like them.