Thursday, May 3, 2012

Can't anyone get any sleep???

Socks is somewhat perturbed.  Check out the beautiful wool blanket beneath his feet.  Nothing could be more relaxing than to stretch out on this luxurious blanket with the sun shining in, warming his body from head to tail.

So why does he look so angry?

It just so happens that this is a saddle blanket.  Beneath this woolen masterpiece is a saddle.  In a few minutes, we're hoping to have a horse underneath both of them.
Too bad, Socks!  Find somewhere else to sleep or

grab some boots, 

because we're going riding.


  1. Ha ha!! What a great photo of this kitty. Boy, he does look grumpy, poor guy!

  2. Aw cute little sucks, looks like you have an ear itchie!
    Just stay put and go for a ride :)

  3. Getting woken up from a nice sun-warmed nap is the pits! There's another blanket behind you, Socks. We're glad Blue takes care of the cat-wolves!

    Laura & Taffy