Friday, May 18, 2012

Moving day......

Today, this mother fox sat quietly for the camera, before running off to finish packing up the family. 

She moved the whole kit and caboodle to Fox Farm

We don't know which neighborhood they left behind, but we'll roll out the welcome mat because its so much fun when foxes live in the yard.  Nothing is more entertaining on a cool summer night than to watch little foxes play and fight. Surprisingly enough, foxes are sort of bold when they're young! :)
Hopefully, we can follow their antics over the next few months.........stay tuned.....


  1. What a sweet photo of this little fox. Is it true that foxes can make a sort of screaming sound?

  2. Aren't they a threat to your cats?

  3. I hope they will leave the kitties alone!

  4. I've never heard them make a sound except when the mother is training the kits. She growls and puts them on the ground when they're bad. They are really not much bigger than cats, just longer legs and a bigger tail. Last time, no cats were consumed by foxes and the cats actually stand their ground when a fox looks at them