Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Pinkerton just can't leave well enough aloneHe heard a rumor about Casper trying to get back into the Mansion, and decided Bumble should be the first to know, so he whispered in the Big Kitty's ear.

PINKERTON!! Give me a break!

You wild and crazy little pink cat!  You're in the same boat as Casper.  Too many tom cats create chaos in an otherwise peaceful existence.

Do you really think Bumble isn't aware of your masculinity?  Its only a matter of time before you too, are banished to the outside.

Walk away, Pinkerton.  Just walk away......


  1. So where do all you boys go for shelter when you have been banished from the barn?

  2. They like the old car that doesn't have a driver's side window. Its dry, warm and very comfy:), or the old dog house that the dog's refuse to live in, because they like the Mansion better.