Sunday, April 15, 2012

A little touch of spring

Southern Alberta is home to an abundance of wild flowers, the first being the crocus.  Sometimes, if its warm enough, this pretty little

purple flower

shows up by April 2, but that always depends on sunshine.  This year, the first ones poked through on April 12. 

Every country kid around has gained brownie points by presenting a bouquet of fresh spring crocuses to his/her mom and you can be sure that every mom just loves them.


  1. Those flowers have feathers :) I wonder if kitty cats love them too?

    1. They would love them if they found them close to the Mansion.

  2. Beautiful! We are glad that you do have visitors that don't bite. I'm sure it is a relief to the cats, too. Where ever there are farms here will be rodents; cats will always be able to make a living.

  3. Yea....we just like to think they need us :)