Saturday, April 28, 2012

Not foggy enough..

It may be a foggy day, but its not foggy enough to hide two coyotes lurking just up the hill from where the cats are sitting.

Get ready to run for your lives!!

The slightest move from those two scavengers will cause four cats to take flight like a flock of geese in hunting season.

Don't worry kitties!  Blue and Chick, the Border (Collie) Patrol Team has spotted them also!


  1. Thank God for Border Collies. Stay safe kitties. Stay in the barn.

  2. Boy, those kitties sure do look poised for flight! Do the coyotes ever venture into the mansion? Do the dogs keep them out?

  3. It must be awful living with the threat of these coyotes. I am glad for the Border Patrol!

  4. When the dogs are loose, they chase coyotes, but they also chase cattle so if no one is home, the dogs are tied. No, coyotes don't come into the barn, but they are close.