Monday, April 23, 2012

The chameleon

Making a living on the "outside" is all about adaptability.  First of all, find a place to live.
That old dog house will fit just fine.

To be a successful hunter, blend in, and to outsmart Cat Wolf, it helps to look like your surroundings.

When Pinkerton is beside the orange cats, he looks pink.  When he's out in the dead grass, he's the color of dead grass.

Take this advice, Pinkerton: 

"Don't hang out with orange cats if you want to hide in dead grass."


  1. Yes, he's my favorite, because he's handsome and funny and such a character! How will he blend in during the warm months when things are greener?

    1. Ohhhh cattywumpus. We have a plan for that!

  2. He doesn't need to hide, that handsome devil :) I think the grass turn to look like Pinkerton because they are jealous!