Monday, October 14, 2013

......they'll take care of this.

Big Kitty heard that the decorations are coming down today.

"Why in the world don't we use them for Halloween" he said.

Timbit got all wide eyed and picked up a front foot as if getting ready to bolt.  She said, "If those decorations don't come down, I'm running away from home."

You must be getting old, Big Kitty.  Just leave it to the younger generation........


  1. guys, if ya leeve de decorayshunz up....most oh em, that leeves MOR treet time come hal o ween which iz like in a few dayz any way....coz ya wont hafta decorayshuns de set again....

    pluz itz knot like say...oh.....groundhogs day were ya gotta sit for minits on end waitin on phil de crazed ta pop out N say ...spring....then him takes off N thatz kinda

    hope everee one iz havin a thanx full day N eatin plentee oh pie...haz sum for uz oh kay !!! happee thanx givin guys ~~~~