Thursday, October 3, 2013

Just think about it...

Big Kitty gave up.

He gave up on having his annual quad ride when no one could find just a little bit of gas to get it running.

No problem.

Soaking up a few rays while sitting quietly on the old loading chute is a safer way to spend the day.

So, he just thought about his happy life at Barn Cat Mansion - good food, a warm bed and a family of upstanding cats and kittens is all a Big Kitty needs.


  1. dood...N due knot forget temptayshunz treetz !!! we love this pick sure BK....ya earned yur name BIG KITTY for sure...oh, N by de way....go ask little eagle wear de new sugar cube came frum and wear de $$$$$$ came frum... ta buy it....cheetin ponee..... SOLD de gas for de quad....


  2. Oh, he does look proud of his life. :)

  3. wanted ta stop bak by N say de blessings oh St Francis two everee one N heerz ta a grate week oh end !!

  4. Just stopped by to wish everybody a great weekend, and a Happy Thanksgiving! May every Kitty gets lots of turkey treats!