Thursday, October 31, 2013

Stop fighting!!

Give it a rest, you two.  After all it is


Big Kitty and Pinkerton started arguing as soon as they finished Trick or Treating.  Pinkerton says he saw a "real" bear.  Big Kitty says it was someone dressed up as a bear.  Way out here in the middle of nowhere, where we have NO
 "people" Halloweeners, I'm inclined to believe Pinkerton.


  1. Best to be on the safe side. Great photo. Deb

  2. Replies
    1. They know when I start getting decorations ready, they have to get ready. I sprinkle Temptations on the blanket two or three times and then they all sit around to see if I'll do it again!! :)

  3. guys...we loves thiz pick sure !! N may bee ya dinna see a reel bear ore a fake bear...may bee it bee big foot...heez like az big az thiz _____________ N harry like a bear.....tho ya noe if it bee yogi; check round coz he leevez pic a nikk baskitz layin round :) hay, hope everee one haza grate week oh end, eat lotz oh pie !!~~

  4. I'll see if Big Kitty will agree that it could have been Big Foot. With the same first name, they could be cousins!!

  5. A bear?!!!!! A "real" bear!????? I hope Pinkerton is seeing things from being too high on the temptations!!!
    Nice picture kitties!