Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Save a spot for me!!

Smart little kitten!

What you see here is one of two "sleeping tubs" supplied for the benefit of all cats living in Barn Cat Mansion.  We take a broken water tub, create a soft mattress
base of empty paper feed bags,  twine cut from bales fed to animals outside, and a well worn chenille blanket to provide soft and luxurious comfort.

Generally, five or six cats occupy each tub, although sometimes, if it's really cold, everyone piles into one. This kitten has claimed a spot in the warmest tub and will have a toasty winter.


  1. PJ....we just came up with that coz ya haz de look oh pinkerton bout yur self.......

    PJ...yur bed iz way awesum N sounds grate N bee leeve uz, we think it wuz a march post may bee ....wear everee one WUZ in one tub, sew claimin yur spot heer N now iza grate eye dea...

    N due KNOT let little eagle neer any boxes.....heez a destroyer.....


  2. Smart little kitty to know how to stay warm when the days and nights get cooler! Now, truly, who whispered in your ear???

  3. She has the smarts and the looks :)