Tuesday, September 17, 2013

He saved the day!!

As we all know, Pinkerton had no intention of catching and/or devouring the kitten.  He was only watching out for it's safety. 

Although it may be too big, you never know how nasty a magpie might be.  One could fly through the door at any moment and swoop the little critter away.
Pinkerton quickly directed the baby back to its hay bed and asked it to stay hidden for a few more weeks.

Good boy, Pinkerton! :)


  1. awesum job pinkerton...thatz why we voted 5 times 932... to let ewe stay on at BCM...even BG has ta bee proud oh ewe now N we NOE HCS..... iz veree thanx full....we think thiz dee serves yur own bag oh temptayshunz treetz....

    two de magg pie roood stooooooopid caca droppin burd......hizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz N sum curzes two ya az well........ya &*@#(@)#@!@!***!$@^ burd

  2. N we meened ta say BK... big kitty...sorree dood...de hole burd thing tossed uz fora minit ~~~~~~~~

  3. Pinkerton deserves a treat. I hope he is 'on duty' for awhile yet. Deb

  4. Pinkerton is strong and brave and an excellent guard cat of the young! Definitely deserves to stay! With excellent kittyminding skills like that he deserves efurryone's respect!