Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's so disappointing.....

Colors of Fall

Take 3!

Reports of a mouse running past the photo session proved to be true.  Big Kitty took off like a shot, even though he hates mice.  Well, he likes to catch them if they're close, but doesn't EVER go out of his way to chase one.

Not this time!!

Now we have to start all over again.....


  1. Well, we think Flag is there to represent the Big Kitty!
    She is such a loyal beauty :)

  2. BK....we trooly due knot like mize either, why eat mize when ya haz temptayshunz treetz huh...but trust us on this one, eatin a mouse iz WAAAAAAAAAY better N eatin a burd......hay, happee pie rats day two everee one two ``````````` :)
    avaste raise de spyglasss starboard …we bee see in a sutler o’er yonder N blimey …sink uz if hiz shopz knot fulla booty ~~~ him can bee pillaged N for we set sail ~~~ letz head off for a wee bit oh grub anda splice inn oh de mainbrace N sing a shanty ore two ~~~ fair winds ta ya