Friday, November 30, 2012

Practise makes perfect!

Black Panther takes this sport seriously.

He practises day and night. 

Up the tree

Down the tree

Up the tree

And down again!

Presently, he is the self proclaimed Tree Climbing Champion, and no one can take that away.

Now to pick a coach.......


  1. I haven't seen Quinn climb yet (although she has been seen on one of the bookcases, so she must).
    Last night I showed a movie at the community room that was filmed in Alberta Canada. Oh, the scenery was magnificent. They even showed a spectacular sunset.
    And barns.
    I saw the horses. Where were the cats?

  2. and happee we iz ta see itz a burd free tree black panther...hay, we give this climb a :

    everee one hold up ther cards


    whoa..way ta go buddy ewe just getted like 80 bazillion stars for your climb

    N haz we men shuned we R knot two good at science...well, ok...ore math :)

    haza grate week oh end....

  3. I like your style, Black Panther! That is the correct way to hone your climbing skills....up and down until it becomes second nature.