Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Already dressed!

Little Orangey Blue eyes has stripes......stripes going every direction!

If we call Tree Climbing a sport, we should set out a few rules.

That's where the stripey cat comes in.

She is in charge of regulations and violations pertaining to active participants in the game.  She will start the clock, blow the whistle and call time when it's over.
In some sports, the referees wear stripes.

Little Orangey Blue Eyes is the referee!


  1. Little Orangey Blue Eyes is so sweet. Everyone would just have to pay attention to the rules under her watchful eyes!

  2. Little Orangey Blue Eyes is a cutie pie. Did you know that most orange cats are males? She is very special!

  3. I would fall off the tree in purpose, so the pretty referee would spank me for descipline :)

    ♥ Pasha,

  4. Orangey, your coat is FABulous...and make sure those boys do exactly like you say....we girls have to stick together don't we !!

    hugs from dai$y, ruler of trout towne =^..^=