Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let the games begin!

Flag's brother is the boldest tree climber ever!  We're thinking of naming him "Black Panther".
We used to have Pink Panther, but he's gone.
BP scoots up the trunk, flips around and scoots back down again.  Sometimes he travels out on branches, but that is a whole other story.

Tree Climbing is proclaimed, from this day forward, an official Mansion sport.  Games are set for any time a cat wants to climb a tree.  They believe if this becomes fun for most, it'll be fun for Timbit.

Its like Participaction.....staying fit and enjoying yourself.


  1. Lol I thought that was a crow!

  2. BP...ewe shuld win like a gold medal for that climb...noe, better yet...gold bars...like enuff ta buy 345,097,198,278,909 cases oh trout !!!!

  3. Oh, yes. Tree-climbing is the best! Sometimes, when I'm really feeling my oats, I'll run full bore up a tree and then down and then up another. I'm practicing all my escape routes in case of an emergency "get away" is needed.