Friday, July 6, 2012

Listen up, Pinkerton!!

Embarrassed to no end is how Pinkerton is feeling at this moment.  This never happens on Friday!!

But it happened on this Friday!!

Random inspections for cleanliness, conducted by OT can happen at any time.   Like Old Ghost Kitty at Fox Farm, Orangey Tail expects all Barn Cat Mansion cats to be clean.....from top to bottom (so to speak) every day of the week.

Today, she found a seriously large patch of dirt in one of Pinkerton's ears. 

Pinkerton knows he's in trouble now.  When OT gets mad, she stays mad!

It won't help to close your eyes, or your ears, for that matter, Pinkerton.  The damage is already done!!


  1. Uh, oh Pinkerton! Quick, here's a Q-tip.

  2. Submit, Pinkerton, to your elders.

  3. Nice to meet you and your clean ears Pinkerton!!

    Meows and Purrs from the cats and Zee & Zoey's Chronicle Connection!!