Thursday, July 5, 2012

Clean and sparkly!!

Here's the oddball kitten in the litter of five Ghost Kitties.  It really is cute in a homely kind of way.

That Old Ghost Kitty sure keeps her babies clean and shiny anyway.  Look at the pure white face on the little darling.  And his ears are pretty clean too!

Here's hoping those blue eyes turn green.  It would be so nice to have more green eyed cats because we're so tired of golden eyed cats.

You're thinking "picky. picky, PICKY!!!"

You're right.  We're just lucky to have so many healthy little ones.  Some families only ever get to have one or two kittens in their lives.


  1. He's not homely. He's ADORABLE! Bet he grows up to look like my brother Seville. Have you seen Sivvers? He's one handsome dude. His picture is featured in my latest blog post.

  2. Cute little guy, such big ears, and sweet little face. You are lucky to have so many!!!

  3. Wait a minute. I don't think it is anything but cute! Clean, yes, but cute, too!

  4. Yes, picky picky. This one is cute too. You ARE lucky. It's nice to have an assortment. I heard that different markings and colors of kittens means different fathers. My first kitten's litter had 3 orange ones, one tuxie and one tabby. And we could see the different tom dads in the neighborhood!

  5. Old Ghost kitty has an orange lover hidden somewhere :)
    this one has to be the spoiled kitten, the only surviving orange one!