Saturday, July 14, 2012

Flying above the radar...

Pinkerton heard that those little "darlings" have been taking the high road and avoiding any area that the pink cat occupies.

He's about to put and end to that!!

After cleaning every part of his body, and we mean EVERY single part, he perched on a broken gate on the corner, outside of the Mansion.  A photo shoot is planned for the sunny side.  "Cute" and "adorable" are invited.

Pinkerton will wait until he sees the whites of their eyes..... then......Little ones!  Look out!!


  1. Oh, dear! The every day theater at the Barn Cat Mansion drops another cliff hanger!!
    We almost wish we could have cliff hangers around here. But it's just me, and I'm too old for such fun. MOL.

    1. C'mon Brandi, you're never too old!! :)