Saturday, October 6, 2012

Caught red handed.....

....actually, not red handed but white pawed!

When we take the Nissan to the car wash, we think it'll be clean for a few days.......and it might stay clean if there are no puddles around.  Well, we had a little rain.

Obviously, Socks walked around in the mud, and walked around on the hood.  Then he invited the girlfriend up to admire his handywork. can't deny it this time, Socks!



  1. Uh-oh!
    But it's kitty art, a picture so you don't forget him!

  2. We absolutely love his handywork too!!!!!.... and their proud reflections on the hood is priceless!

  3. We think it's quite fetching.

  4. This is an awesome photo. Of course muddy paws are an artistic medium few can master.