Monday, October 15, 2012

Catch him if you can!

There's our friend Pinkerton, blending into his surroundings again.

Our mission this winter is to tame this wild cat down.  Big Kitty barely tolerated his presence this year, and next year will be much worse.

Our goal?

We have to catch him, put him in a cat carrier and whisk him off to the vet.  One mature tom at Barn Cat Mansion is enough.

Our problem?

Pinkerton, like OGK, absolutely hates to be touched!!


  1. You may be better to get a humane trap from your local animal control and just take him to the vet in the trap. They can sedate him without all the touchy-feely stuff.

  2. Now that's one handsome kitty!!!!

    How about temptations in the carrier?

  3. Pinkerton is great! Good luck with trapping.

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  4. Good idea. Sounds like His Pinkness is quite the handful. Maybe a little snip will mellow him out