Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bluebird of happiness?

Rocky Mountain Bluebird:
just about the prettiest little bird you'll ever see.

We talked about Bird House Man earlier in the year while he was cleaning and setting up the bird houses along our road.  A lot of bluebirds found new homes because of his generosity.

Now the eggs have hatched, little birds are grown up and they grace the countryside with their beauty.

In a few weeks, families will join forces for the arduous trip to a warmer climate.  We have no idea where they go but it's always nice when they come back.


  1. oh, how beautiful! And how good of your Bird House Man to provide lots of good shelter!

  2. what a vivid blue! must be fab to see these bluebirds winging around. Here, we have the Eastern Bluebird...same blue back, but with a peachy-orange breast. Nature is wonderful, I say!!

  3. Tell them to come to California. It's warm here!