Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A cat with a plan.....

Quinn is determined to discover the whereabouts of Smoke and her family. 

Firstly:  Smoke gave birth to three kittens on a blanket underneath the saddles in BCM.

Secondly:  She kept them there until their eyes were open.

Thirdly:  They disappeared two days after the bales moved into the Mansion.

Fourthly:  Quinn will find those kittens even if it takes all day.....

Fifthly:  TOT already knows where they went, but he's not telling Quinn.


  1. Go, Quinn! Find the kittens and report back to us!

  2. Quinn should put a secret camera on TOT to follow him everywhere secretly!

  3. Wow, kittens! Sounds cool. You go Quinn and find them :)
    I'm new to this blog but it seems pretty interesting, so I'm gonna join it.
    See you'll around:)