Monday, November 3, 2014

Little Orangey Blue Eyes is our 2014 

Halloween Mascot.

Some folks carve pumpkins to resemble cats, but we have a cat that resembles a pumpkin, at least in the color department!:)

He posed in front of the fading autumn hues of the cotoniaster bush, and we couldn't help but realize the part he is beginning to play in the ongoing saga known as

Cattales from Barn Cat Mansion


  1. DOOD !!! de sun... iz knot az brite az ewe...thiz fotoz iz AWESUM !!!! ♥♥ ewe shuld be de poster cat .... for fall !! ♥

  2. Maybe that could be his new job description: Poster Boy!!:)

  3. guys...just stoppin bye ta say:

    hope yur christmas tree.....
    ree manez burd free.....

    sendin R card.....
    ee lect tron ick lee.....

    a verree merree Christmas.....
    a happee mew yeer two .....

    frum all oh uz in trout towne.....
    we loves ewe XXXXX

    Da Tabbies O Trout Towne

  4. it bee uz again

    wanted ta say: heerz two a burd free, happee, healthee N blessed 2015 ♥♥♥♥♥