Monday, March 19, 2012

He can't be gone.... :(

We talked about Bumble Butt embarking on a secret mission, but we didn't expect him to leave on his own.  This photo was taken on March 8, the day before he disappeared.  With "cat wolves" lurking in various locations throughout the area, we believed we would never see the Big Kitty again.  He wasn't at the St. Paddy's Day celebration, because it was pre-shot on March 16th and he was still gone.  Then Saturday morning, it happened....

The Big Kitty came home!!! 

After 8 days away, who knows where, he came home.  What a happy day!!


  1. What a joyous day when loved ones come home! We are glad he is safe!

  2. Glad to have a happy ending! It looks like he had to stay put somewhere to digest the goat he had hunted :)